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Cineverse is derived from a combination of two words that interprets different meanings. It is “Cinema and Universe” Cinema means “the production of films as an art or industry” and the Universe signifies “Totality”. As the name suggests, Cineverse is a Television show that covers a wide range of cinema news including gossip and controversy on movies, actors, directors, and producers. The show reviews Nepali Film Industry along with Bollywood updates.
The show is divided into three segments. They are; Cinema A-Z (a complete movie review based on Nepali Film Industry and Bollywood Industry), Cineverse shortcuts (short weekly bulletins on the movie industry) and finally, Cine-retro (a reflection on nostalgia where a host initiates a discussion based on Cinema History, All-time Superhits, Trends (now and then), the Golden Cinema period, and many more.)


Sujan Shrestha

| Cineverse

Sujan Shrestha is a cinema enthusiast and a producer/presenter of the show “Cineverse”. He has been undertaking entertainment-related writing on numerous platforms for the past five years. Through this program, he would continue to speak out against the flaws and contradictions in the film industry. As a producer, he would make every effort to promote Nepal's film industry, which is eager to grow. In addition. he delivers a distinctive approach and covers every subject of cinema.

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अमेरिका विवादमा रेखाको जवाफ ! | प्रदीपको झापड ! | Cineverse | Ep-48

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हीरो छैनन्, कलाकार छ्यापछ्याप्ती ! रेखाको प्रतिस्पर्धा अब दयाहाङसंग ! सुगमको सनक ! Cineverse | Ep-44

डाक्टरले बिगारेको पशुपती प्रसाद २, कस्तो भयो कलाकारको दशैँ ? | Cineverse | Ep - 43

श्रीमानको तारिफमा नथाक्ने सुरक्षा पन्त ! निश्चल बस्नेतको कुरै बेग्लै ! | Cineverse | Ep - 42

महानायकको महाजाल ! रेखाले सक्काईन् साँढे जुधाई | अनमोलको काम अब धमाधम | Cineverse | Ep - 41

अनमोलका कारण दुखि निति शाह ? इन्डियामा मेनुकाको जादु ! | Cineverse | Ep - 40

अनमोललाई सबक ! | अहंकारले उम्लिएका हुन् प्रदीप ? गर्भवती रेखाको एक्सन ! | Cineverse | Ep 39