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Gorkha Media Network Pvt. Ltd was established in 2020 A.D to bring disruption in all facets of media. The company currently runs Galaxy 4k Television which started its 24 hours transmission on October 1, 2021.

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Message from Chairman

Galaxy 4k was founded to make a difference in the Nepalese television industry. It broadcasts news and a variety of programs (based on entertainment, awareness, and education), creating impact on larger scale. Primarily, it supports voiceless individuals who have experienced deprivation, social exclusion, and significant challenges.
I have a complete faith in my team, and I would appreciate support from the viewers in making my vision a reality.

G.B Rai

Message from Vice-Chairperson

My unwavering commitment lies in utilizing media as a powerful tool for positive change. At Galaxy, we firmly believe that journalism, with its ability to inform, educate, and inspire, holds the key to creating a society where health, happiness, and prosperity prevail. It is my steadfast belief that by establishing a platform that fosters growth and innovation, we can provide aspiring journalists with the opportunity to thrive and make a significant impact in the world. Our company's tagline, "Galaxy for social change," encapsulates the essence of our mission. It symbolizes our dedication to harnessing the power of media to bring about transformative societal shifts.

Kumar Ramtel



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Galaxy 4k is a premium broadcast facility that creates an impactful reach to a large audience. Innovative programs, trustworthy news, influential content, and entertaining programs help to connect the wider target group. Our diverse team will work distinctly to develop the promotional ideas and execution process of advertising campaigns.

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