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Shaikshik Operation is a weekly program that aims to shed light on the issues and challenges faced by the Nepali education system. The program’s mission is to explore the uncharted territories of the Nepali education landscape, question the norms, and challenge the status quo.

The program will question the existing system and challenge the conventional wisdom of education in Nepal. Each episode will feature a new guest as our expert who will bring fresh insights and innovative ideas to the audience. With every episode, experts and policymakers will uncover new perspectives, new solutions, and new ways of thinking about education in Nepal in the hope of fostering a constructive shift in the educational landscape of Nepal.


Ratan Devkota

Producer | Shaikshik Operation

Ratan Devkota is a producer/presenter of the show “Saikshik Operation”. He is a versatile individual who has made significant contributions to the Nepalese media and education sectors. In addition to his contribution in the media and education sector, he is a writer, singer, composer, producer, and storyteller who has gained recognition for his works in various fields. He has been involved in the production of various media projects, including documentaries, TV shows, and films. Moreover, he was the producer of a talk-show/ documentary formatted show that brings professionals from two different generations: Yugantar.

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