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Start-Up Stories portray the story of entrepreneurs and provide a detailed overview of the company's origin, its early struggles, and successes. It is one of the inspiring programs for young generations who inspire to be an entrepreneur. This show focuses on the initial phases of starting a business by featuring the expertise and insights of successful entrepreneurs. Each episode highlights the experiences and journeys of startup ventures and the entrepreneurs behind them. The primary goal of the show is to motivate and encourage young people to pursue entrepreneurship by sharing stories and lessons learned.


Babina Paudel

| Start-Up Stories

Babina Poudel is a producer and presenter of the television program "Startup Stories," as well as the producer of "Gcafe" on Galaxy 4k. She has been an active member of the television industry for over 10 years, previously serving as a program presenter for various programs. In addition to her work on these programs, she has been involved in producing a variety of other media content, including documentaries, interviews, and live shows.

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