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Through "Doctor G," we aim to provide information about health issues and promote healthy living.
"Doctor G" is a health-related show that aims to educate and raise awareness among Nepali citizens about various health issues and concerns prevalent in the country. The show is structured into four segments, each serving a specific purpose.
The first segment of the show introduces the health issue that will be discussed in that particular episode. This segment aims to provide the viewers with an overview of the topic and why it is essential to discuss it. Likewise, the show features an expert from the medical sector who provides in-depth information about the health issue and its possible solutions. It aims to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the issue and its possible solutions. Following with the segment, "Debunking the Truth," where the expert debunks various health-related myths and answers viewers' questions. This segment aims to clarify misconceptions and provide accurate information to viewers. Lastly, the final segment of the show, "Tips of the Week," provides health-related tips to viewers. The tips could range from simple lifestyle changes to managing a particular health issue to preventive measures to avoid certain diseases.


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