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Patriarchal structures and traditional gender roles have created indefinite barriers to the women in Nepal. To describe the reality that women should be able to occupy half of all public sectors, the resemblance of 'half the sky' is applied. However, the presence of women is extremely narrow in the public sphere. There are few women to overcome these challenges based on structure, religion-culture-tradition and political barriers. Here, the story of struggle and success of these women who broke through the confines of the structure and came out, their battle to break down the walls of patriarchal structures and what they faced in the process, a series of distinctions and, through their enviable success, to motivate other women by revealing the story of successful women are presented in one of the inspirational program- “Parkhal Bahira”.


Saajana Tamang

| Parkhal Bahira

Saajana Tamang is a senior deputy editor of Galaxy Television. She has been working in the field of journalism for the last 10 years and has an excellent ability in anchoring television news as well as editing, producing, and presenting radio and television programs. Earlier, Saajana worked for various media organisations such as the news branch of Capital FM, Radio Kantipur and Kantipur Television. She is a graduate of mass media and pursuing a master's degree in political science. She is also a board member of Sancharika Samuha Nepal-an influential organisation of women journalists.

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